FCI Breed "z Granitowego Wzgórza"

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59-300 Lubin

About me

I've been around dogs since I was a small kid. We always had some, usually larger than average, Shepherd-like dogs. It was not until 2006, when one day I was walking around in a kiosk where I came across a magazine, "Dog", which had a wolfdog on the cover. Piquing my interest, I decided to buy the magazine. I read the article, and more about the race in the magazine, and started looking for more information on the internet and reading books about this breed.

After this experience, I had the intention of buying a Czeslovakian Wolfdog for a few years, considered pros and cons, and finally, in 2011, I bought a puppy - Teeraal z Peronówki. It opened many opportunities, and we had (and are still having!) a great time together. This experience made me understand Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, and they learned to understand me.

Today I can proudly say that I am not only a breeder, but also a very passionate owner.

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